December 2016

Happy winter, friends!

It has been so long since I sat down and wrote. I hope you’ve all been very well. What a year this has turned out to be. I’m fairly certain we all have had more than our fair share of surprises as we work our way steadily toward 2017. It makes me more grateful than ever for this wonderful community of people that I have grown to love over the last several years. Thank you for being that for me.

Since I last wrote, we we’ve been to Japan and back and I made quick (non-musical) trip to the Pacific Northwest to see family and friends.

At Kinse Ryokan in the old entertainment district in Kyoto, Japan with Hanz Araki and Genta Fukue, Nov 2016 • photo: Tadayoshi Numasawa

What’s next? When I was a kid, we used to meet my brother at the gate when he would fly home from medical school for holidays and there was always that excruciating anticipation as we craned to get the first glimpse as he walked up the jetway. This feels just like that. It’s just out of sight, but I know what’s coming and it’s very exciting. While it may not show, there’s a great deal of (musical) planning and digging and sowing happening as the new year looms.

I head off to Ireland in January and February again to begin work on a new album in earnest. I think I know what it will be, but I am, as ever, leaving room to be surprised by those with whom I’ll be collaborating. The hope is an autumn release. I’ll keep you posted as things begin to firm up. There’s a tour of the Pacific Northwest booked for April and a tour of California booked for May (be in touch if you’ve got ideas for either – I’d love to find a few more places to play). And much more planned for down the line…

I’ve put my favorite photos and memories in a little album. If you click on the image below, you can see them for yourself:

I’ve loved this time of year for one very specific reason. The dark is heavy, sometimes, and the days feel short, and the tug of introspection is in contrast wth the bustle and responsibility of the season. But I have loved this time of year because even the tiniest of light shines that much brighter.

I am so grateful for your light. Happiest of holidays to you and I wish you every single happiness in the coming year. I’ll see you down the road…

with love,