Wheels Down (for a little bit)

Hello friends!

What a busy time it’s been.  I was thinking about things this week and realized we’ve been pretty well on-the-go since last September.  I think I’m pretty lucky to be able to travel all over and meet people and play music.  I also think I’m pretty lucky to come home to Portland and rest a bit.

After our trip to New York, Philly, and Baltimore, we headed back to the East Coast again for the Winston-Salem Celtic Festival hosted by the illustrious Fiddle & Bow Society in North Carolina.  I love going back there and seeing friends as well as meeting new ones when we get the chance.  

I’ll be playing a few shows in the next couple of months around the Pacific Northwest, but mostly, we’ll be spending time working on new material (woo!), recharging our batteries, and putting together the autumn schedule.  Who knows what else will happen honestly.  Life has a way of surprising me no matter what I think is headed my way.

If you’re in the Portland or Eugene area, I hope you’ll join me on June 21st or 23rd (or both!) as I bring the whole Colleen Raney Band back together for 2 shows.  Johnny B. Connolly, Casey Neill, Ezra Holbrook, and a very special guest will all be on stage with me for these 2 shows.  I can’t wait!!  Tell your friends!

Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you around the neighborhood.

with love,