November Touring

1. Belfast, Maine –  Oct 24!
2. Little Sea Céilí!
3. Austin Celtic Festival
4. Album(s) News
5. Japan Tour 2017
Hello friends!
I hope your autumn has been gorgeous so far. The colors here in Maine are pretty impressive and we’ve had a lot of highway time to see them all over the last couple of weeks on tour out here. The final night of the tour is tomorrow, October 24 in Belfast, Maine at the Belfast Co-housing and Ecovillage.

If you’re in Maine or the surrounding states, we would absolutely love to see you at the very first Little Sea Folk Autumn Céilí in Portland at the Maine Charitable Mechanic’s Hall *this* Saturday, October 28 at 7pm. The incredible Jackie O’Riley and I spent a brief time working on Atlantic Steps a few years back and we are thrilled to bring her up to teach and call the dance with music from Junior Stevens (accordion), Alden Robinson (fiddle), Hanz Araki (flute), and Janine Randall (piano).

A couple of other quick notes. I’m delighted to be joining Seamus Egan of Solas at the Austin Celtic Festival for a bit of singing as he tours his new Seamus Egan Project. Looking forward to seeing friends and meeting some folks in Texas that have been asking for us to come down that way! On the album front, thanks to every single one of you who pre-ordered your copy of the new album and a shirt or a house concert, we met the goal a few weeks ago and when all of this traipsing around is over, I’ll be back in the studio in Dublin finishing up the new album. As it happens, I am sitting in the studio in Maine right now doing some work on a new album from the Hanz Araki Band…. more information to follow! Hanz and I head off to Japan in just a couple of weeks to start a three week tour and see dear friends on that side of the world. I can’t wait!

Enjoy these beautiful autumn days and I hope we’ll see you sometime down the road.

with love,