March Touring

hi friends.

Just like that it's March, and the world over here in the northeast corner is starting to think about shaking off its winter coat (but only a little bit - still plenty of snow in our future). In my haste to shake off mine, I've already started seeding flowers and onions and it may backfire on me, but it was such a dark, cold winter that I couldn't stand it one more minute. It was so nice to spend a week in the south with Josephine County playing music and feeling warm!

I have two very special shows here in Maine this March. If you're in the area, I would absolutely love to see you. We'll be including a few songs from the forthcoming release and it would be nice to hear what you think! I'll be joined by Hanz Araki and Bethany Waickman, with a very special appearance from accordion genius Junior Stevens for St. Patrick's Day in Portland.

I'd love your help spreading the word about these shows if you have a moment.  Feel free to pass along this email or invite friends via the Facebook events.

April sends me to Ireland again to finish up this opus of an album. If we're being honest, I've never been so excited to just have something done before in my life. I'll figure out when I'm going to bring it around and play it for you after it's off of the to-do list.  The festival is fast approaching in June as well, so there will be plenty to talk about later in the spring.

Molly and Leopold send their love, as do I.