January 2017

Hello from Dublin, everyone!

I won’t take up a ton of time this month, but I wanted to write and say hello and tell you some good news.  In just a few weeks, I’ll join the incredible musicians of Solas for a month on the road.  I got a lovely phone call from Win Horan a couple of weeks ago and it worked out to be able to join them for shows from Feb 16 until Mar 19.  The women who have sung these songs before me are a collection of inspiring, talented, generous, driven artists and I am so proud to join their ranks for even a little while.  If you are in one of the areas we’ll be visiting, I hope you’ll let me know and come say hello!

A few weeks after that wraps up, I’m off to the Northwest for a tour of my own, so for those of you who will miss the Solas tour, you still have a shot to hear some music! North Carolina and California are also both on the docket for late Spring so keep an eye on the website for all of those details.  They are updating pretty quickly these days.

Speaking of the Pacific Northwest, I hope you’ll be able to head out and support one of my favorite bands from Portland, Maine as they are on tour for a week in February.  The Press Gang (now with 100% more flute and vocals) will be playing from Mt. Vernon to Astoria and most points in between.  You’ll love it!

Understandably, my trip to Ireland is a bit shorter than originally planned, so I’ll be trying to pack in as much as I can between sessions, album production work, archives, and maybe even a little bit of fun.

chat soon!
with love,