Hello Spring!

I won’t lie, spring is my girl.  We are close.  She’s pretty fickle, but she is so pretty that I can’t stop looking at her.  It makes her a little uncomfortable I think.  But I don’t care.  And this one is kicking off pretty well so far – loads of fun things and travel and at least for today, sunshine in Portland!

I had the opportunity to travel to Northern California to play with some unbelievable musicians over St. Patrick’s Week and I can’t WAIT to get back down there.

What an honor it was to be able to spend that week playing with John Weed, Stu Mason, Zac Léger, and Johnny Pozzi.  Here’s a little sample of what we got up to.

I’ve posted a lot of photos and other links and such on my facebook page if you’d like to take a look at that.  We’re planning for a bunch more shows and I’m going to make sure they get up to the Pacific Northwest so I can trot them around and show them off like they deserve.

Later in April Colm and I will be heading back to the east coast for a few shows and then back again in early May for the Bethabara Celtic Festival in Winston-Salem, NC.  I’m headed down to Austin in June, and who knows where else we’ll end up!  We’d love to come to wherever you are and are always looking for house concert hosts or venue suggestions.  Email me at colleen@colleenraney.com if you are interested – it’s pretty easy and I have a great “How-To” kit I’ve put together.

Now I’m going out to get some new freckles before the rain returns!
with love,