Hello from Dublin!

Very happy to be back in Ireland for 3 weeks of travel, music, visits with friends!  We’ve a week left and while I’m not terribly interested in leaving, at least there are some nice things to return to in the states. I head back into the studio on Feb 23 to begin work on a re-release of Linnet, my first album that we put out in 2008.  New vocals, some new flute and whistle parts, and a brand new song will be added before it goes to print again and out into the world.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend some time with that pretty little record again.

Off to California in late February for a few shows with Hanz Araki and Stuart Mason (!!!) in Arcata, Willits, Mill Valley, and Santa Cruz.  March brings Californian Ryan Davidson up to the Pacific Northwest for a run of concerts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without a trace of green beer!

For now, we’re off to meet some friends and maybe have a tune or two.