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Hello friends!

I've just finished up about 10 days in Ireland tracking all of my vocals as well as getting backing vocals, flutes, whistles, bodhrán, and a handful of other things. I was fortunate to have some seed money from 121 incredible funders right out of the gate, with very little information and just the promise of "I'm going to make you a really wonderful album." Those angels managed to produce three weeks of tracking in Ireland and in Maine as well as flights and rehearsals for musicians and collaborators. Pretty incredible. And once we had all of that down, we knew what we were looking at.

This collection of songs from Lal Waterson, Liam Wheldon, Emmylou Harris, Amanda Breese, Tony Furtado, Susan McKeown, Ger Wolfe, Karine Polwart, and Gerry O'Beirne is, at its very core, a list of my favorite songs. Songs that I would never have allowed myself to record and only would allow myself to sing in front of people when they knew I wasn't taking myself too seriously. At some point in your life though, you catch yourself and think "what am I doing? Why am I wasting this time and possibility?" So I am recording them. It is a departure. You might say that it is flight. From expectation. My own, mostly. Songs are deeply personal things, to me. And these songs are humbling. They haven't been easy. And they have been delivered to me in the studio this week on the wings of some of my greatest demons. In the careful and steady hands of Trevor Hutchinson, they are beginning to take shape and I am so very nervous and excited to share them with you.

I'm so unbelievably grateful for the generosity of the people who started this project with me in 2017. It will take one more week of tracking, a week of mixing, then mastering, licensing, and reproduction to bring this collection to life, and I hope you'll consider contributing and getting your copy or one of the other rewards in advance.


with love,