Hello friends,

I hope your February is starting beautifully.  It certainly seems like this year is flying by already.  I’m back in Dublin again after our three months in West Kerry.  One more week in Ireland and then it’s back to work!  We have had an indescribable experience and are changed as a result of the generosity of the people we knew and got to know in Dingle. We have been so lucky to be welcomed into that community for the time we were there.  Plans are already being made to return, but we’ll save that for another time.

This week we’ll sing songs, meet friends, play tunes, and soak up the last bits of Irish rain before heading to New York and then Portland, Maine.  Looking forward to playing a bit along the way.  Dates are on the Tour Page of the website.  You’ll also see dates in Japan and the Pacific Northwest, so I hope you’ll join us for a song or two if we’re nearby!

For those of you interested in traditional singing, I’ll be teaching three workshops at the Portland FolkMusic Society’s Singtime Frolics on March 26 and 27.  Information can be found on their website.

with love,

I hope the beginning of 2016 is already bringing you everything wonderful. Things here in Dingle are settling down a little bit after a pretty adventurous few months including the holidays. Our accommodation situation here changed dramatically within the first week of our arrival so we have been the guest of two wonderful, patient, generous, and welcoming friends and their two Wheaten Terriers. Just this week we moved into our own house for the final month that we’re in Dingle and we are getting back to music and tea and turf fires as planned. Being here in West Kerry has already worked wonders on us in ways that we didn’t expect. We’ve had the chance to meet and share music with a whole host of phenomenal musicians, and to really consider what our place on the pitch looks like, for lack of a better metaphor. I am ever grateful for being here at the time of year where it is mostly residents so we can get a good look at life in Dinglandia (with credit to Gerry O’Beirne) without the crush of tourism. I daresay we’re hooked.

I’ve been taking photographs of the experience along the way. If you click on the photo below it will take you to a gallery for you to enjoy.


As for music, there are plans being made, new collaborations about which to be excited, and upcoming tour dates. I, for one, have found a treasure trove of new, very old songs to love. I’ll sing some of them for you at some point down the road when I’ve spent more time with them. Stay tuned for a bit of video too…

Mid and late February has us playing on the East Coast of the US. March takes us to Japan for St. Patrick’s Day and then back for a singing workshop weekend in Oregon. May has shows in New York and the Pacific Northwest! All the tour dates are listed here. Hopefully I’ll catch you at one place or another.

with love,

Hello friends!

Thrilled to be home in Portland, Oregon for the month of August for some wonderful outdoor shows at McMenamins Edgefield, and an appearance at The Grant House in Vancouver and The Secret Society in Northeast Portland.  It’s a farewell tour of sorts, as we’ll be heading off in all sorts of directions for the remainder of the year.  September will be spent mostly in California, October mostly in Japan, and we’re delighted to let you know that we’ll be living in Dingle, Co. Kerry in the beautiful Southwest of Ireland from mid November until mid February.  We look forward to playing lots of music and coming back to the states with entire troves of new treasures.

It would be lovely to see you before we’re away for the winter so please take a look at the tour page and join us for a show!

with love,

Looking forward to a week of shows with Hanz Araki & Owen Marshall in the Northeast in July 2015! Before we head off, catch us at McMenamins Edgefield with Elizabeth Nicholson and Bob Soper, and Story Road!

July 7 – Elizabeth Nicholson, Bob Soper, Hanz Araki, Colleen Raney • Edgefield Winery, Troutdale, OR

July 14 – Story Road • Edgefield Winery, Troutdale, OR

July 17 – 19 Maine Celtic Celebration • Belfast, ME

July 20 The Outpost 186 • Cambridge, MA

July 21 The Norfolk Library • Norfolk, CT

July 24 Acoustic Artisans • Portland, ME

July 25 The Dance Hall • Kittery, ME

July 28 Edgefield Little Red Shed • Troutdale, OR

It’s raining, which gives me a chance to sit down and write to you for a minute while the garden soaks it all up.  I love watching the subtle changes out there from day to day, not to mention when we go away for a week of tour stops. It’s pretty nice to have some small, real thing to attend to in this increasingly digital world.  I’m as excited about technology as the next person, but I think we all could agree that it can be a little crazy-making without something to balance it out! Thank heavens for the strawberries and the sweet peas.

We had such a great time in North Carolina with Owen Marshall in May.  Great big thanks to all of the wonderful people who hosted, promoted, and attended the shows.  Looking forward to getting back to that beautiful state down the road.  I’ve never been in the south in the winter.  Could be fun…  In any case, I’m already excited to spend a week playing shows with Owen and Hanz in July in Maine. More about that next month.

I’ve been very fortunate to tour a bunch over the last year as part of Hanz Araki’s band and with Story Road, and I have been taking a bit of time away from traveling and playing my own music to give my head and heart a rest.  Everyone knows that you can’t draw from an empty well, so after a bit of a break, I think it might be time to get back to making more music again.  We’ll start in the Pacific Northwest in June, to shake off the cobwebs and see what new magic we can conjure with songs and tunes and then there are tours planned in July and September as well!

June 23 • Troutdale, OR • Edgefield Irish Tuesday
June 24 (noon) • Tacoma, WA • Listen Live at Lunch
June 24 (7:30pm) • Portland, OR • Abbie Weisenbloom’s House (email abbiew@froggie.com)
June 25 • Olympia, WA • Traditions Cafe
June 26 • Conway, WA • The Conway Muse
June 27 • Sammamish, WA • Holmes/Robinson House (email kerrygrobinson@comcast.net)
June 28 • Hillsboro, OR • Rock Creek Tavern

For those of you who have been asking about how the re-release of Linnet is coming, we’re nearly there!  Our intrepid engineer, Jordan Leff, at The Secret Society Recording Studio here in Portland has begun mixing and we’re hopeful to have that part finished by the end of June.  I’ll let you know that we removed one song from the original album and replaced it with a gorgeous new one.  The incomparable Trevor Hutchinson is currently tracking a double bass part for it which I am dying to hear. Watch this space for updates. 🙂

Hope to see you soon.  And thank you so much for your enduring support.  I am so grateful for you.

with love,


Story Road

Join Colleen Raney, Stuart Mason, John Weed, and introducing Hanz Araki for the first Story Road tour in over a year!  Oregon, Washington, and California dates confirmed from April 14  – 20.  www.storyroadband.com or www.colleenraney.com/tour for details.


Colleen Raney, Hanz Araki, Ryan Davidson, Alicia Guinn, and dancers from both the Tara Academy of Irish Dance and the Yeates Academy of Irish dance play an exclusive run of shows to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in the Pacific Northwest.

Tour dates can be found at www.colleenraney.com/tour

Very happy to be back in Ireland for 3 weeks of travel, music, visits with friends!  We’ve a week left and while I’m not terribly interested in leaving, at least there are some nice things to return to in the states. I head back into the studio on Feb 23 to begin work on a re-release of Linnet, my first album that we put out in 2008.  New vocals, some new flute and whistle parts, and a brand new song will be added before it goes to print again and out into the world.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend some time with that pretty little record again.

Off to California in late February for a few shows with Hanz Araki and Stuart Mason (!!!) in Arcata, Willits, Mill Valley, and Santa Cruz.  March brings Californian Ryan Davidson up to the Pacific Northwest for a run of concerts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without a trace of green beer!

For now, we’re off to meet some friends and maybe have a tune or two.

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for a wonderful 2014 and we’re already looking forward to what’s next in the new year!  A few shows in the Pacific Northwest, off to Ireland, then home to begin working on a studio project… very mysterious!  Looking forward as well to a return to California and North Carolina, and some shows around the Pacific Northwest in the springtime.  I hope you enjoy these last few days of the year and we look forward to seeing you again soon!  xo, c