April – Finally Spring!

“Spring is a season of the soul to regain its strength.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Just a couple of things to tell you about and then I’ll get back to my seed planting. April is sending me back to Ireland to finish the new album. I’ve stumbled into a little bit of a retrospective on my facebook page if you want to walk back through memory lane between now and the 17th when I board a plane. I am so very happy to be producing a concert for Winifred Horan of Solas here in Portland on Thursday, April 12th. It’s been just over a year since that last tour wrapped up and Win is working on a new album with brilliant collaborators that she’ll be brining with her. If you are nearby or know anyone nearby, I’d love your help filling all of the seats for them.

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

We’re working hard on festival planning and starting to get excited (and nervous) about the whole thing! We’ve heard from folks who will be coming out from all corners of the United States and we are so thrilled to know you are excited too! Check out the website here.

“With the coming of Spring, I am calm again.”
Gustav Mahler

In my spare time (between the new album, the concert series, and the festival), I’ve started a very small flower growing operation at our house, and am just this week in the process of replacing 80% of the lawn with composted flower beds. With any luck, there will be farm bouquets in just a couple of months! You can see what I’ve been up to over here. It’s always something, isn’t it…

with love,