7 shows in 10 days!

I will fully admit that I love my job sometimes.  It’s not always a bag of sunshine, but sometimes it has it’s joys.  Being able to play 7 shows in 10 days with some of the finest Irish musicians I know is one of those joys.  It’s not too late to get tickets for any of them, so please do contact the organizers for reservations and please join us!

TONIGHT Friday, Oct 26 – Abbie Weisenbloom’s House Concert, SE Portland. abbiew@froggie.com for reservations  (band: Johnny Connolly & Casey Neill)

TOMORROW Saturday, Oct 27 – Borella House Concert, Eugene. borella@gmail.com
(band: Johnny Connolly & Casey Neill)

MONDAY, Oct 29 – Newberg Music Center, Newberg.  newbergmusic@newbergmusiccenter.com
(band: Stu Mason & John Weed of Molly’s Revenge)

THURSDAY, Nov 1 – Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Obispo.  sgallery@charter.net
(band: Stu Mason & John Weed of Molly’s Revenge)

FRIDAY, Nov 2 – Gilroy Houseconcert, Gilroy. Presented by the Monterey Bay Celtic Society   etcteach@yahoo.com  (band: Stu Mason & John Weed of Molly’s Revenge)

SATURDAY, Nov 3 – St. Mary’s by the Sea, Pacific Grove. Tickets. A benefit for St. Mary’s Food Pantry. (band: Stu Mason & John Weed of Molly’s Revenge)

SUNDAY, Nov 4 – The Mission Theater, Portland.  Supporting Lúnasa!
(band: Johnny Connolly, Cary Novotny, with a special appearance from Casey Neill)

See you out there, I hope!!
with love,