A couple of pretty fun things to tell you about on this soggy, Portland Friday!

I’m always on the hunt for new songs and this one popped up as I was driving back from a concert on Whidbey Island in December.  It was a freezing cold, crystal clear, star filled night and when I got to the ferry dock, I hopped out of my car and ran up to Colm’s (it was very cold) to play it for him.  A few months later, here we have it.  Well, to be fair, here is the 3rd time we ran through the song together in his apartment a few days ago.  But we’re both pretty happy with it.

Also, I’m very excited that artist and writer Katie Presley has created a limited edition, block print to celebrate the US release of Cuan.  They will be available at all 3 of the upcoming concerts!  If you aren’t able to be there, and would like a print, please be in touch and I’ll see what we can sort out for you.

with love,